Choosing Your Sorrento Wedding Reception Venue; 8 Things To Consider

Choosing Your Sorrento Wedding Reception Venue; 8 Things To Consider

It can feel overwhelming trying to narrow down destination wedding reception venue options, in a country you don’t live in or are unfamiliar with. There are so many amazing options here in Sorrento – ranging from the traditional and historical to the jaw-droppingly scenic. As your Sorrento-based wedding planner, I want to give you a checklist of things to consider when you start to look at venues. This will help you to narrow down your focus, and find the perfect wedding reception venue for the breathtaking Italian wedding you’ve been dreaming of. My sole purpose at Bella Sposa is to help you create a day that feels undeniably, authentically you in this incredible part of the world – I hope you find my checklist helpful!

1. Narrow down the important factors for YOU

Before I send my couples any Sorrento wedding reception venue suggestions, I ask them about what is important to them. Choosing a venue to suit your personalities and wedding day vision is crucial to the overall feel of your day. This is a great place to start, and helps to really narrow down the number of options. Examples of things to consider are…

  • Do you particularly want a really authentic Italian experience?
  • Is a late-night party an absolute must?
  • Do you have a specific picture-postcard view you’re imagining for your photos?

2. Keep an open mind

Working with my couples I find it’s pretty normal for you to have a set idea to begin with, then end up choosing something different. I’ll only ever recommend venues that I think are right for you, based on your important factors and your vision for the day. I charge a flat fee as a wedding planner, so it makes no difference to me where my couples get married. I can guarantee that any prices that I quote you from a venue will be exactly the same if you contracted them directly.  Keeping an open mind and trusting your instincts means you’ll know it’s the right wedding reception venue for you when you get ‘that feeling’ – you just have to separate that from the fizzy feelings Italy gives you anyway!

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3. Find out what’s included

Many venues here in Sorrento will include different items as part of your package, including flowers, a choice of place settings and your furniture. Each venue is different so it’s important to find out what exactly is included, and see some photographs of examples too. It can impact on your overall budget if you are caught out suddenly needing to extend to buy ‘extras’ – money you’d be much better spending on a sunset boat trip with Capri as your backdrop!

Sorrento wedding boat ride

4. Visiting

‘But Cheryl’, you might be thinking, ‘Italy is hours away on a plane!’. I appreciate that visiting your potential wedding reception venue is a logistical question when planning a destination wedding, but seeing a venue in person is totally different from looking at photos. Don’t worry though, when you work with me I’ll relieve this pressure – we can go on virtual venue tours around locations I already know inside out. My Sorrento local knowledge means I’m well placed to show you around your venue via video call! Seeing the venue makes couples feel a lot more confident about their decisions, which is so important in a destination plan! Of course, if you have the ability to come out and visit prior to booking, it’s a great excuse for an Italian mini-break!

sorrento wedding reception venue

5. Who’s Coming?

Something else to decide on early in your planning process is whether you’ll be having an elopement (just the two of you), an intimate-sized wedding or a larger get-together. This will impact upon the venue options available to you, as some specify a minimum or maximum capacity. Make sure you know this information about your venue, and whether there is scope to change your plans within it! We’re sure all your friends and family would love to escape to Sorrento for your wedding, but it isn’t always practically possible – make your guest list ahead of saying ‘I do’ to your wedding reception venue!

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6. Your other suppliers/vendors

Just like venues in your home country, you’ll find that some Sorrento wedding reception locations have specific florists, caterers, bands etc that they will allow you to use. Others are more flexible and allow you to have free choice! It’s worth finding out what each venue’s stance on this is and making sure it fits with your plans. If you have your heart set on an Italian gastronomy extravaganza including live cooking stations or having a certain band play at your wedding,  bear in mind the whole vision to make sure your venue doesn’t foil your plans further down the line!

sorrento wedding suppliers

7. Location

In and around Sorrento you can find every type of wedding reception venue imaginable, from luxury villas and boutique hotels to some of the oldest restaurants in Italy (yes, really!). Your choice of venue style will of course impact its location – you may be right in the heart of the town, deep-diving into bowls of perfectly crafted pasta, or you may be relaxing in the pool of a luxury villa a little outside the hustle and bustle of vibrant Sorrento. Whatever you decide on, remember that this will have a knock-on effect on your transport costs, another note to add when breaking down your budget.

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8. Plan B

I never work with a venue unless there is a Plan B option. Whilst Sorrento is beautiful all year round and generally enjoys months of glorious, picture-perfect days, it’s important to know what your backup plan is in case the weather lets you down and your outdoor, backdrop-oriented wedding day has to change. If you’re choosing to get married in May time or towards the end of September/October, there’s a good chance you’ll experience very pleasant temperatures and steady weather forecasts – but Italy isn’t immune to cold evenings and heavy rainfall! Having a Plan B ‘just in case’ will add an extra layer of confidence that your day will be perfect, regardless of the unpredictable and uncontrollable factors.

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Now you’ve got a better idea of where to focus your attention and how to narrow down the list of beautiful wedding reception venues for your Sorrento wedding, it’s time to grab the limoncello and start planning! To find out about how we can work together here in my home-town to bring your Italian destination wedding visions to life, get in touch by clicking here! I’ve already helped couples from around the world say ‘I do’ in this beautiful part of the world – do you want to be the next!?

Cheryl x


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