Ceremony options & location

Civil Ceremonies

The most requested ceremony here in Italy is a civil ceremony. Not only are these ceremonies legally binding, but they can take place in some very unique and picturesque locations. From romantic medieval cloisters in Sorrento, the colourful outdoor terrace in Postiano to the breath taking and intimate 12th century palazzo and gardens in Ravello; there really is a style of venue to suit every individual requirement and taste.

Symbolic ceremonies

Symbolic ceremonies although, not legally binding, are becoming more and more popular; this is because they can literally take place anywhere and at a time, that suits you. We can personalise the ceremony to suit your individual beliefs and personalities and it still consists of an exchange of vows, rings and of course readings etc. Therefore, it really is just the same as a civil ceremony but with the legalities taking place in your home country.

Church Weddings

If you are going to have a Catholic ceremony then please note that, you will need the assistance of your parish priest. The paperwork for a religious wedding must be started at least 6 8 months prior to the wedding. Catholic ceremony’s for non-residents are not permitted here in Sorrento and can only take place on the Amalfi Coast.

Elopement Weddings

If you are considering a fun and adventurous wedding that is solely about you and your partner, then an elopement wedding could be for you. We can help to plan an unforgettable day that allows you to concentrate on exactly why you want to say, “I do”.

Renewal of Vows

If you are already married but are reaching a milestone point in your relationship and wish to renew your love for each then please do not hesitate to ask contact us. As well as weddings in Sorrento and the Amalfi coast, we can orgnaise a romantic renewal of vows for you in a range of spectacular settings.

Same Sex Weddings

Please visit our sister website www.bell-eventi.com for more info.

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