A Sorrento Elopement Story, by Bella Sposa

A Sorrento Elopement Story, by Bella Sposa

Today’s blog is for the wild souls, the seekers of laid-back romance, the lovers of Italian charm…it’s the story of a Sorrento elopement, brought to you by the couple who lived it. Emma and Matthew married in the ancient medieval courtyard of the Cloisters of San Francesco, a sublimely Italian outdoor venue licenced for weddings in Sorrento. They asked me to help them create a romantic, relaxed day which they ended in true style and class with a private boat trip to Capri.

sorrento elopement cloisters

I asked Emma what drew them to a Sorrento elopement and this is what she said;

‘Basically Instagram is to blame! I kept seeing beautiful outdoor ceremonies taking place in these gothic, historical looking buildings with no roofs, and I thought that would be amazing. I then came across the Cloisters which I just loved the look of, and after a quick search I discovered that you can get legally married in Italy!’

Emma and Matthew didn’t want to have to repeat the legal part of the ceremony at home, so their Sorrento elopement worked perfectly for them. I helped them take care of the paperwork process, and used my knowledge of both English and Italian to interpret for the ceremony for them too. When I asked them what their favourite thing about working with Bella Sposa on their wedding was, they said

‘I loved how throughout the whole process Cheryl provided several options for everything, ranging in style and budget – this gave me enough options without being too many. Everything from hair & makeup to photographers, cars, reception venues and ceremony music…she had it covered!’

sorrento boat trip

When speaking to Emma and Matthew about their Sorrento elopement, I wanted to know what drew them to the area. Italy seduces people in all sorts of different ways, through its food, its history and culture, its spectacular scenery…Emma told me there was not one single thing she loved about Sorrento, it was everything combined. Being a resident here I know exactly what she means! My couple loved the amount of restaurants within walking distance, the hustle and bustle in the streets and the contrast of total serenity at the hotels. The Grand Hotel Royal where they stayed is a beautiful Sorrento location with sea views and a private beach; the perfect sanctuary after an adventurous day out in the town.  

elopement in sorrento

By far their favourite part of the day was the private boat trip to Capri I organised for them. They describe it as ‘surreal and memorable’, and they looked deeply happy and totally in love as they headed off together into the sunset. After a cliffside dinner together along the Amalfi Coast, they sailed back, completing their Sorrento elopement day. 

If you’re enticed by the coastal charms of Sorrento and all it has to offer, contact me to chat about a Sorrento elopement for autumn 2021. The weather here is beautiful in the shoulder season and I’m waiting with open arms!


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